30 Day Film Challenge: Day 1; Your Favourite Film

Posted on 08/04/2011


Okay, so here I go. Just a bit of a warning in advance, my tastes are very eclectic & can lead to a sense of WTF. Also, there are at least five films I could use for each of the thirty days, so next year, the list may be slightly different. Some of the films may make more than one appearance. A number of my choices may be considered cheats, but I can live with that. So sit back, relax, enjoy and maybe learn a bit more about me.

My favourite film happens to be a trilogy. The Lord Of The Rings films.

Yes, I know that’s more than one, but it’s one story. I’ve read the books twice a year for as long as I can remember, and these are very good adaptions. Peter Jackson did much better than I ever thought anybody could with making films of the books. Helped of course by an incredible cast. So there’s a start to the challenge then.


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