30 Day Film Challenge: Day 2; Your Least Favorite Film

Posted on 09/04/2011


My least favourite film is a no brainer. It will probably be my least favourite film for a LONG time.


I hate this movie for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that J. J. Abrams has basically decided that the last 30 years if my life have meant nothing. I invested that time in the shows, even TOS, & for Abrams to say, oh yeah, by the way, Vulcan is destroyed, was crap. As for old Spock meeting young Kirk, what’s with ” I have been and always will be your friend.” Different universe Spock, you’ve never met this Kirk before. That was just stupid. Do we really need to explain on how many levels it was absurd that old Spock met new Spock ? No I thought not. And what the he’ll was with those bloody Phasers ?

They could have called this Star Saga or some equally banal name & I would have loved it. It is however, by NO stretch of the imagination, FREAKIN’ Star Trek.

I shall leave the last word on this abomination to Ro Karen. I wholeheartedly share and endorse her opinion.

I fucking hate this film.

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