30 Day TV Show Challenge: Day 8; A Show Everyone Should Watch

Posted on 11/06/2011


This show is no longer in production, but it is a show everyone should watch.


Rome is a show examining the transition of Rome from republic to empire. From what I understand, it suffers from the typical HBO syndrome of boobs & bums. However, anyone with even a passing knowledge of this period of history will know that it is reasonably accurate. Rome had already begun its abandonment of Roman virtue. Oh yes, this was a coproduction between the BBC & HBO. It was originally envisioned that there would be five seasons. However, the cast and crew were given the headsup partway through season two that it would be the last season. I’ll let Bruno Heller, one of the shows creators, explain;

” I discovered halfway through writing the second season the show was going to end. The second was going to end with the death of Brutus. Third and fourth season would be set in Egypt. Fifth was going to be the rise of the messiah in Palestine. But because we got the heads-up that the second season would be it, I telescoped the third and fourth season into the second one, which accounts for the blazing speed we go through history near the end. There’s certainly more than enough history to go around. ”

Here is a trailer for season one. I could’nt decide which of the many clips on youtube to choose, so this is it.

Even if you don’t have an interest in Roman history specifically, this is a damn fine show. If you get a chance, watch it.

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