30 Days Of Female Awesomeness: Day 1; Favourite Lead Female Character.

Posted on 08/08/2011



Really, could there ever have been a question as to who my Favourite female lead character would be.

Captain Kathyrn Janeway, despite the opinion of a lot of ( in my mind ), very silly people, was the best female lead character of any series, not just science fiction, for a long time. It helped that she was portrayed by a brilliant actress. It still boggles my mind that Kate Mulgrew was not the first choice for the role. Genevieve Bujold was simply abysmal in the role.

So, if you’re going to invest in a show, if you believe in the hope of the future it promises could be possible, you need to believe in the character. Kathryn Janeway embodied everything Starfleet. She was a strong, authoritative leader who would not be swayed by the thoughts or opinions of others if she thought it would affect her ability to complete her mission, which was, of course to get Voyager home.
She would not be bullied.

She had that sense of curiosity and wonder that made even the hard times bearable. She did all this without pandering to the pathetic notion held in television circles that female characters cannot convincingly command in crisis. But, she did have the nurturing aspect to her character, that ability to empathise with and understand alien species and her crew that enabled both Maquis and Starfleet to, mostly, eventually, stick together and become a family. Picard, Sisko, Archer and most definitely Kirk, could not have done what she did. She also had a sense of humour. Admittedly they were just lines in a page, but when Kate Mulgrew uttered them, I believed it was Janeway.

Besides, how could I not love a woman, real or otherwise, who shares my opinion of a certain beverage.

So, there you go. Not the most in-depth or well reasoned argument, but that is my choice for my favourite female lead character.