Posted on 04/09/2011


So, today was Fathers Day in Australia and for the first time since I’ve been a dad, I’ve been thinking about why, about what it means to be a dad.

Being a dad isn’t easy, it’s damn hard work. It’s not always fun, in fact it’s more often than not a grind. You go through every stage of your child’s life, dealing with what feels like an almost constant lack of gratitude, being fought almost every step of the way until you begin questioning your own worth, not just as a father, but as a person. On top of everything else that may be going wrong in your life, you begin to question why you even do it.

Then, on days like today, you begin to realise why. It’s not about the big things, never was. It’s being asked to tie a shoelace by your child because they can’t quite manage it. It’s having a small hand grip your finger while your child sleeps against your chest. It’s about being run to for a bandaid when they’ve fallen of their bike. It’s about tea parties with Shrek, Darth Vader and Barney. It’s watching Cars for what feels like the 976th time because it’s their favourite film. But most of all, it’s about working your butt of outside and turning around at the sound of your child’s voice telling you they love you because your the best dad in the world.

Happy Fathers Day.

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