Internet Friendships

Posted on 12/10/2011


So, I’ve touched on this before in tweets and in audioboos, but I get annoyed with those who consider people who have “Internet friends” to be somehow deficient, lacking in social skills and graces. I don”t consider that there is a difference. I have many issues as a person. I can be petty, vindictive and insecure. I suffer from occasional bouts of self doubt so debilitating that unpleasant options occur to me and insidiously work their way into my subconscious, and will not willingly leave.

I don’t have, and never have had, a lot of friends. Partly due to my childhhood and the way I was raised, partly due to the fact that I’m happy enough in my own company. When the self doubt and depression becomes to much, I’ve never really had the outlet to vent, to ask for help. That has changed with the advent of iPods, iPhones, and social networking, especially Twitter. The majority of podcasts I listen to are from, or are affiliated with, the Simply Syndicated Network. I’ve gained what I regard as genuine friendships with many of the people associated with the network.

Lately, I’ve had many problems, a lot of them marital, that have gotten me alarmingly down, and it is my friendships with “Synners” that has helped me through me some bad times. To those friends I say thankyou. Your frequent concern and friendship is valued beyond what words can say. You guys mean a lot to me. I don’t make the distinction between internet and ” real life ” friends. You are simply friends. There are to many of you to name individually, but a few need mentioning. @Ro_Karen, @bradvf, @CartBozman, @Trekkygeek, @emma_lou1983 & @CaptainMorgan30. These are Twitter handles, but that’s how I know them. These are by no means in any order of importance, nor are they the only ones I consider as my friends. They’re a sample. But again, to all of you, I say thank you for your friendship.

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