Gilmore Girls: Season One Review

Posted on 03/03/2012


So, I’ve just finished watching season one of Gilmore Girls. Why would a near forty year old man watch a show clearly aimed at a female audience ? Perhaps an explanation might help.
For fourteen years I worked night shift at a supermarket, not getting home till after midnight. So there was never anything decent on by then. With no dvr or VHS even, I couldn’t record shows either. So I missed a lot of shows first time around. The continuation of Doctor Who among then.
I was aware of Gilmore Girls of course, my wife watched the show. I had no interest in it. After all, it was a chick show, wasn’t it ? I was a man, wasn’t I ? Recently, on twitter, a couple of good friends, Alice and Lee among them, suggested I try it. I was suprised Lee liked it. He’s a big, beefy motorcycle rider. Maybe I should give it a go. Still, I was not that interested. But then I saw the DVDs for twenty dollars a season. ” Ah, fuck it, I thought. I’ll buy season one and if it’s crap, I won’t buy the rest.” So, despite my misgivings and reservations, I bought it.
What did I think ? The show had me at the first cup of coffee. I love it. The dialogue is snappy and delivered flawlessly by an awesome cast. When the show started, I was only a few years younger than Lorelai, and with my past, I could place myself in her shoes. I instantly fell in love with Lorelai and Rory. The rapport Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham is obvious. Of the supporting characters, Luke is great, I liked him straight away.
Sookie and Jackson are hilarious. Michel is sublime. Seriously, I would love to work with him. Louise and Madeline are just filler characters to me, I could take them or leave them. Now Paris on the other hand. How complex is she. I hated her as soon as I layed eyes on her. I hated her, loved her, hated her. I’m really gonna enjoy seeing her develop. Dean is good to. Apparently he was in that Supernatural show. Richard Gilmore is what he is, a flawed, complex character who I’m hoping is developed more. But I’m sorry, I cannot stand Emily Gilmore. She’s hateful, self absorbed and status obsessed. To the extent that Lorelai left. Now I realise this is probably the mark of a good actress, but I really don’t like her. I want her to leave, but I’m sure she doesn’t. So, in short, I love this show and am looking forward to seeing the characters develop over the last six seasons. I’ll post a review if each season as I complete it. Sorry Scott, you’ve got a lot of live tweeting of Gilmore Girls to put up with yet.