Sometimes My Lack Of Tact Disgusts Even Me

Posted on 04/03/2013


So, as some of you may know, I’ve got two boys. John who turns eight in a little over seven weeks, and Daniel who turned six yesterday. This post is about John.

John has a small fish tank that his Mother and Grandmother bought for him a couple of years ago. It generally has around eight to ten fish in it. Fish die, they get replaced. You know, the usual.

Sometimes John will discover the deceased fish and he tells one of us, generally his Mum and she tells him she’ll “bury” it.

So the other night John found one of his favourite fish, an ugly, black boggled eyed creature floating on the top of the tank. It was one of the oldest too. Anyway, he comes up to me and says “Dad, Drogo died. Look” I looked, sure enough, Drogo was dead. Now, in my defence, what I said to him next was perfectly in line with the way I was brought up, but still. I said “Huh, he is too. Do you want me to flush him down the toilet or throw him in the bin ?”
It took him all of two seconds to burst into tears.

I had thought that seeing how he bought it to my attention, and taking into account the fact he’s a pretty darn intelligent kid, he’d be okay with it. I was wrong. I should have pretended that I would “bury” him later. I’m still disgusted with myself.

I’m such an idiot sometimes.

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