Sorry If I’ve Been A Bit Depressing Lately

Posted on 17/10/2013



So I’ve not posted on my blog for awhile. I’ve had a whole heap of things happening in my life.

First of all, the search for full time employment continues, so far without success. I’ve been picking up two weeks of work here, three weeks of work there, the odd shift at various business’s all over Sydney. It’s not an ideal situation.

It’s causing issues at my place of residence. Many of you know, those of you who follow me on Twitter at least, that my marriage has been in poor shape for quite some time. Some of you have even said to me in private messages and emails, that you don’t think it can even be called a marriage. I’m beginning to think the same thing. It’s not that I feel unappreciated or unloved. It’s more that I feel despised by one who should love me, that my presence is necessary because of her disability. Things have been said, said repeatedly that can never be taken back. I came perilously close to walking out a week or so back because of this. The only thing that stopped me was the thought of not seeing John and Daniel anymore. That and the fact that she would make my life even more of a misery than she does already.

So if my tweets or Facebook and blog posts periodically sound despondent or bitter, I apologise in advance. I shall try to not be too much of a downer, I just thought y’all deserved an explanation for my online ( and real life ) mood swings.

See you the other side.

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