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Sometimes My Lack Of Tact Disgusts Even Me

March 4, 2013


So, as some of you may know, I’ve got two boys. John who turns eight in a little over seven weeks, and Daniel who turned six yesterday. This post is about John. John has a small fish tank that his Mother and Grandmother bought for him a couple of years ago. It generally has around […]

Doctor Who: Season One Review

March 11, 2012


As some of you will be aware, because I live commentated every episode, last year I watched six years worth of Doctor Who in a month or so. A brief explanation may be necessary. Brief, because I don’t want to repeat myself and also because I don’t want to bore you. My previous job didn’t […]

The Chronicles Of Narnia Audiobooks

January 30, 2012


This is a post that was originally published on my Tumbler blog well over a year ago. My opinions as expressed in it have pretty much stayed the same, with the qualification that ANY Narnia audiobook is better than NO Narnia audiobook. Among my favourite books, those that have meant a lot to me since […]

A Little Story That I Wrote A Long Time Ago

December 4, 2011


Okay, so a few weeks ago I appeared on Highway To Mars. It’s an excellent podcast discussing different facets of science fiction. Anyway, I mentioned in passing to Odile and Stefan that I had written a story many years ago at night school as part of a writing exercise. Odile has read it and amazingly […]

30 Day Film Challenge: Day 29; Your Favorite Film As a Kid

May 8, 2011


This was a hard decision, but I always kept coming back to this one. As I mentioned on day 7 when I spoke about Kramer Vs Kramer, my childhood was a bit off kilter. Everytime I saw this film, I always wanted to be Templeton. Weird I know, but I always liked him. I still […]